Diane Cilento (who is Diane Cilento?)

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Diane Cilento was an Australian actress renowned for her work in theatre, film, and television. She was born on October 5, 1932, in Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia, and passed away on October 6, 2011. Cilento came from a distinguished family; her father, Sir Raphael Cilento, was an eminent medical practitioner, and her mother, Lady Phyllis Cilento, was a recognized medical practitioner and author.

Early Life and Education: Cilento was educated at various schools and universities across different countries, showcasing the cosmopolitan nature of her upbringing. She developed an early interest in acting and attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London.

Career Highlights: Her acting career spanned several decades, starting with theatre work in the 1950s. Cilento soon transitioned to film, receiving acclaim for her work and being noted for her unique voice and striking presence. She appeared in a variety of British and Hollywood films.

One of Diane Cilento's most celebrated film roles was in the movie "Tom Jones" (1963), where she played the character of Molly Seagrim. This performance earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Her other notable films include "The Admirable Crichton" (1957), "Passage Home" (1955), and "Hombre" (1967) alongside Paul Newman.

Stage Work: Throughout her career, Cilento maintained a strong connection with the stage. She earned respect for her versatility as a theatre actress in both classical and contemporary productions. Her stage appearances were marked by her powerful performances, often receiving critical praise.

Personal Life: Diane Cilento's personal life garnered significant public interest due to her tumultuous marriages. She was married a total of three times:

  1. Andrea Volpe (marriage ended in divorce)
  2. Sean Connery (1962–1973) – With Connery, she had a son named Jason Connery who also pursued an acting career.
  3. Anthony Shaffer (1985 until his death in 2001) – Shaffer was a playwright known for works like "Sleuth."

Notably, her marriage to Sean Connery brought her into the spotlight as she was married to him during his tenure as James Bond. Despite their eventual divorce, their pairing remained a subject of media fascination.

Cilento wrote her autobiography, "My Nine Lives," where she discussed her career and personal life experiences.

Later Years: In her later years, Diane Cilento settled in Queensland, where she founded an open-air theatre venue called the Karnak Playhouse. This venture reflected her lifelong commitment to the dramatic arts and her desire to foster an artistic community in her native Australia.

Death: Diane Cilento passed away the day after her 79th birthday on October 6, 2011. The cause of her death was reported as cancer.

Throughout her career and afterwards, Diane Cilento's legacy as an actress has been remembered for her distinctive talent and contributions to film and theatre. Her passion for the performing arts extended beyond her own acting as she became an advocate for the arts in Australia through her later work with the Karnak Playhouse.

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