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Ellen DeGeneres is an American comedian, television host, actress, writer, and producer. She was born on January 26, 1958, in Metairie, Louisiana. DeGeneres started her career in stand-up comedy during the early 1980s and then transitioned to acting on television and in films.

Early Life:

Ellen Lee DeGeneres is the daughter of Elizabeth Jane (née Pfeffer), a speech therapist, and Elliott Everett DeGeneres, an insurance agent. She was raised as a Christian Scientist until age 13. After her parents divorced, her mother remarried, and they moved to Atlanta, Texas. DeGeneres graduated from Atlanta High School in 1976 and attended the University of New Orleans, where she majored in communication studies but left after one semester to pursue work in various fields, including clerical work and waitressing.

Career Beginnings:

Her foray into stand-up comedy started at a local coffeehouse called Clyde's Comedy Club in New Orleans. Her comedy style involves observational humor and quirky, self-deprecating wit, which quickly gained popularity. By 1986, she appeared on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson," which marked a significant breakthrough in her career.

Television Career:

DeGeneres starred in two television sitcoms, "Ellen" from 1994 to 1998 and "The Ellen Show" from 2001 to 2002. In 1997, she made a significant impact by coming out as a lesbian on "The Oprah Winfrey Show." Her character on "Ellen" also came out as gay in the episode titled "The Puppy Episode," which was a landmark moment for LGBTQ representation on television. However, following this, "Ellen" faced declining ratings and was eventually canceled.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show:

In September 2003, DeGeneres launched her daytime television talk show, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," which became immensely popular for its celebrity interviews, human interest stories, and Ellen's signature dance moves. The show has won numerous Daytime Emmy Awards.

Film Career:

DeGeneres also enjoyed a successful film career, lending her voice to the character Dory in Disney/Pixar's animated films "Finding Nemo" (2003) and its sequel "Finding Dory" (2016). The films were critical and commercial successes. She has also appeared in movies such as "Mr. Wrong" (1996), "EDtv" (1999), and "The Love Letter" (1999).

Personal Life:

DeGeneres was in a relationship with actress Anne Heche for several years in the late 1990s and with photographer Alexandra Hedison before she began a relationship with actress Portia de Rossi in 2004. DeGeneres and de Rossi married in August 2008, after the Supreme Court of California overturned the state's ban on same-sex marriage.

Philanthropy and Activism:

DeGeneres is an active animal rights and LGBTQ advocate. She has raised significant amounts of money for various causes, including disaster relief and animal welfare. Additionally, she's been involved with numerous charities and humanitarian efforts.


In 2020, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" came under scrutiny when several employees accused the producers of a toxic work environment, including allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment by senior staff members. As a result, an internal investigation was conducted, and there were some staffing changes on the show. DeGeneres publicly addressed the issue, apologizing to the staff and viewers and promising changes moving forward.


DeGeneres's influence extends beyond entertainment. She's seen as a pioneer for LGBTQ visibility on TV and has received various accolades, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016. Despite recent controversies, her contributions to television continue to be recognized.

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