Goldie Hawn (who is Goldie Hawn?)

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Goldie Jeanne Hawn is an American actress, producer, and occasional singer who has had a successful career in Hollywood spanning over five decades. Born on November 21, 1945, in Washington, D.C., she initially rose to fame on the sketch comedy program "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In" before making a significant impact in the film industry.

Hawn won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the 1969 film "Cactus Flower." She also received a nomination for Best Actress for the 1980 film "Private Benjamin," in which she not only starred but also served as producer, showcasing her versatile abilities in the entertainment industry.

Throughout her career, she has starred in many successful films like "Butterflies Are Free" (1972), "The Sugarland Express" (1974), "Shampoo" (1975), "Foul Play" (1978), "Seems Like Old Times" (1980), "Overboard" (1987), "Death Becomes Her" (1992) and "The First Wives Club" (1996). In these roles, she showcased her comedic talents as well as her aptitude for more dramatic parts.

Her personal life has garnered substantial media attention, particularly her long-term relationship with actor Kurt Russell, whom she began dating in 1983. The two never married but have remained one of Hollywood's enduring couples and have a son, Wyatt Russell. She is also the mother of actress Kate Hudson and actor Oliver Hudson from her previous marriage to musician Bill Hudson.

Beyond her work on-screen, Hawn is known for her philanthropic work, notably through the Hawn Foundation, which she established in 2003. The foundation's mission is to improve the academic performance of children through “mindful” programs that draw on the latest psychological and neurological research.

Despite her extensive career, Hawn has been selective about her roles in recent years, taking a break from acting only to appear sporadically in movies like the 2001 film "The Banger Sisters" and the 2017 comedy "Snatched," alongside comedian Amy Schumer.

Goldie Hawn has left a lasting legacy in Hollywood both as a leading lady with a bubbly persona and as a seasoned producer, able to helm projects that resonate with audiences worldwide. For those interested in more details about her life and career, her autobiography, "A Lotus Grows in the Mud" (2005), provides personal anecdotes and reflections.

For a comprehensive filmography, IMDb provides an extensive list of Goldie Hawn's work, and more information on her philanthropic initiatives can be found at the Hawn Foundation's website.

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