Janet Leigh (who is Janet Leigh?)

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Janet Leigh, born Jeanette Helen Morrison on July 6, 1927, was an American actress, singer, dancer, and author. She is best remembered for her acting in the Golden Age of Hollywood, with a career spanning over four decades. Her trademark wholesome beauty and versatility allowed her to star in a wide range of film genres, from musicals and comedies to dramas and horror films.

Early Life Leigh was discovered by actress Norma Shearer, who saw a picture of the then young Morrison at a ski resort. Her photograph led to a contract with MGM, and she adopted the screen name Janet Leigh. Her parents were Frederick Robert Morrison and Helen Lita (Westergard). Leigh had Scottish and German ancestry.

Hollywood Career Leigh’s career took off quickly, and she appeared in several popular movies throughout the 1940s. Her early work at MGM included roles in films like "The Romance of Rosy Ridge" (1947), "Act of Violence" (1948), "Little Women" (1949), and "Holiday Affair" (1949).

Her fame grew substantially in the 1950s, starting with "Angels in the Outfield" (1951) and then earning her a Golden Globe for her role in the film "Confidentially Connie" (1953). She appeared in critically acclaimed films like "The Naked Spur" (1953), "Living It Up" (1954), and "Pete Kelly’s Blues" (1955).

One of her most iconic roles came in 1960 when Alfred Hitchcock cast her as Marion Crane in the classic thriller "Psycho". For this film, she won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Her performance in the famous shower scene remains one of the most iconic moments in film history.

Personal Life Janet Leigh was married four times. Her first husband was John Carlisle, a union that lasted merely a few months in 1942. Her second marriage was to Stanley Reames from 1945 to 1948. Leigh's third husband was actor Tony Curtis, whom she married in 1951. The couple became one of Hollywood’s most high-profile couples and had two daughters, Kelly and Jamie Lee, both of whom followed their parents into acting. Leigh and Curtis divorced in 1962. Her fourth and final marriage was to stockbroker Robert Brandt, with whom she remained until her death.

Later Life and Legacy In her later career, Leigh's appearances on screen became less frequent. She starred in a few more motion pictures, made guest appearances on television shows, and took on various roles in made-for-TV movies.

Leigh was also an accomplished author, having penned four books, including two novels and an insightful memoir about her life in Hollywood titled "There Really Was a Hollywood".

Janet Leigh passed away on October 3, 2004, at the age of 77 from vasculitis. Her cultural impact, especially stemming from her performance in "Psycho", continues to be celebrated. Her legacy in film is also carried on by her daughter Jamie Lee Curtis, who has become a notable actress in her own right.

For more detailed information about her life and career, her memoir "There Really Was a Hollywood" is a valuable resource. Additionally, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) provides a comprehensive list of her roles and appearances.

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