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Rosalind Russell was an American actress, comedian, screenwriter, and singer, known for her strong character roles and versatility. She was born on June 4, 1907, in Waterbury, Connecticut, and died on November 28, 1976. Russell's career spanned from the 1930s through to the 1970s, and she was noted for her performances in film, television, and theater.

Early Life and Education

Rosalind Russell was born Catherine Rosalind Russell to a prominent Catholic family. She was educated at Rosemont College in Pennsylvania and then studied drama at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.

Career Beginnings

Her career began on stage in the 1930s and quickly moved to film. After signing with MGM, she made her film debut in 1934 in "Evelyn Prentice." This led to a series of successful films in the late 1930s.

Film Success

Russell is best known for her role as the fast-talking reporter Hildy Johnson in "His Girl Friday" (1940), which is considered one of her definitive works alongside Cary Grant. Other notable films include "The Women" (1939), "Auntie Mame" (1958), and "Gypsy" (1962).

Awards and Nominations

Throughout her career, Russell was nominated for five Academy Awards and won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for her performance in "Auntie Mame." She never won an Oscar but received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award in 1973, an honorary Oscar recognizing her charity work.

Personal Life

Russell married producer Frederick Brisson in 1941, with whom she had one child. She was very active in charity work, particularly with the Catholic Church and organizations related to arthritis, a condition she suffered from in her later years.


Rosalind Russell died of breast cancer on November 28, 1976, at the age of 69. She left a significant impact on film and theater and is often remembered for her wit, charm, and sophistication.


Rosalind Russell has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her work in the entertainment industry is celebrated for breaking ground for female actors in typically male-dominated roles, especially with characters that embodied strength, intelligence, and wit.

For more detailed information on Rosalind Russell, her complete filmography, and her contributions to Hollywood, websites like IMDb and TCM provide extensive coverage.

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