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Shailene Diann Woodley is an American actress and activist born on November 15, 1991, in San Bernardino County, California, and raised in Simi Valley. She began modeling at the age of four, and by the age of five, she made her professional acting debut.

Early Career:

Woodley started with minor television roles and first gained significant recognition for her role as Amy Juergens in the ABC Family television series "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" (2008–2013), where she portrayed a teenager dealing with the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy.


Her breakthrough came with her performance in the film "The Descendants" (2011), directed by Alexander Payne, in which she starred alongside George Clooney. Her portrayal of Alex King, a troubled teenager, earned her critical acclaim and several awards and nominations including a Golden Globe nomination.

Divergent Series and Other Films:

Woodley achieved commercial success and further prominence with her leading role as Tris Prior in the "Divergent" series, a film adaptation of the book series of the same name. The first film, "Divergent" (2014), was followed by two sequels, "Insurgent" (2015), and "Allegiant" (2016).

Fault in Our Stars:

In 2014, she also starred in the romantic drama "The Fault in Our Stars," based on John Green's novel of the same name. Her portrayal of Hazel Grace Lancaster, a teenage cancer patient, was particularly well-received and contributed to the film's enormous box office success.


Beyond acting, Woodley is known for her environmental and political activism. She supported Bernie Sanders in his presidential campaign bids. She also became notably engaged in the protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline, even facing arrest for her involvement in demonstration activities.

Recent Projects and Career Developments:

More recently, Woodley has taken on roles in various films and television series that showcase her range as an actress. She joined the cast of the HBO series "Big Little Lies" (2017-2019), featuring a star-studded lineup including Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. The series received critical acclaim and gained Woodley further recognition for her performance.

Personal Life:

Woodley keeps her personal life relatively private. However, it is known that she has embraced a lifestyle that reflects her environmental advocacy, often discussing her use of natural products and sustainable living practices in interviews.


Throughout her career, Woodley has been nominated for and has won numerous awards, reflecting her talent and the impact of her performances on both critics and audiences.

For more detailed information and updates about Shailene Woodley's career and projects, you can refer to her IMDb profile or her entries in major industry databases. Her activism and philanthropic efforts are often covered by news outlets such as The Guardian and environmental-focused sites.

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